" The rights 
of every person are diminished when the 
rights of one are threatened." – John F. Kennedy

RESOURCES: Speakers Bureau

We have provided speakers all over the USA. Several groups have written testimonials to express their thanks. We will be happy to schedule a speaker for your group. We ask only that our expenses be covered.


To schedule or check the availability of a TYFA Speaker, please contact us.


    Kim Pearson (Lake Havasu, Arizona)

    Lisa Gilinger (Santa Barbara, California)

    Shannon Garcia (Indianapolis, Indiana)

    Zander Keig (Berkeley, California)

    Betsy Hanger (Los Angeles, California)

    Darlene Cox (Lexington, Kentucky)

    Heath Ayden Martin-Cox (Lexington, Kentucky)

    Andrea James (Los Angeles, California)

    Moonhawk River Stone (New York)

    Tonei Glavinic (Washington, DC)

    Robert Crowe (Michigan)



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