" The rights 
of every person are diminished when the 
rights of one are threatened." – John F. Kennedy



Educational Programs

Our Educational Programs include:

  •     Utilizing Existing Federal Law to Protect Your Gender Variant/Transgender Youth in School
  •     Find healthcare providers for your gender variant child, no matter where you live.
  •     Minimizing the Top Ten Fears of Raising a Gender Variant Child
  •     Creating Positive Media Experiences
  •     Who, How, When? Informing Others of Your Child’s Gender Variance
  •     Finding a Voice
  •     Transition: What is it…and is it Right for My Child?
  •     Successful Partnering With Schools K-12
  •     Coping, Problem Solving and Personal Safety Skills for Gender Variant and Trans Youth
  •     Allies Supporting “T” Youth and Their Families


TYFA has received many testimonials praising its effectiveness in support of transgender children within the educational community.


Mailing List

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Support Forums

TransYouth Family Allies sponsors the online TYFA Talk Forum.


Speakers Bureau

We provide inspiring and enlightening via our Speakers Bureau for groups throughout North America, often requiring only our expenses be covered.



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