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RESOURCES: For Educators


We know that many educators and administrators have limited prior experience with accommodating transgender and gender-variant youth. We are here to help you plan for the best interests of the child, as well as for helping other pupils, parents, teachers, staff, school boards, and the media understand the circumstances and your school’s response.


TYFA Resource Documents

Our materials are available as both web pages and printable PDFs. You may print, link to, or distribute these documents by mail or electronically (without additions or modifications per our copyright notice).


Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

A compilation of questions and answers frequently asked by parents, educators and practitioners.


Learning the Lingo (PDF)

An introduction to language used when discussing the topic of gender variant and transgender children.


Other Resource Documents

These resource articles have been published by various authors and are provided here for your convenience. Please print as posted here and give credit to the original source/author.


American Academy of Pediatrics (PDF)

This document is excerpted from “Caring for Your School-Age Child: Ages 5-12″, Bantam 1999. It was published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and briefly illustrates that by age 4, children’s gender identity is stable, and they know they will always be a boy or a girl.


How Young Is Too Young  (PDF)

Written by TYFA Advisory Board Member, Reid Vanderburgh, MA this piece addresses the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation as well as the joys and challenges of childhood gender transition.


To the Beat of a Different Drummer (PDF)

The article describes the gender variant child. Gender variance is defined as a behavioral pattern of intense, pervasive, and persistent interests and behaviors characterized as typical of the opposite gender. Gender variance, though, not a common issue in primary care practice, should be taken seriously when it presents.


Difference isn’t wrong…it just is (PDF)

Excellent introduction to gender variant and transgender children and their families. Feature article by TYFA Founding Member Kim Pearson, published in The Bottom Line (San Diego, CA), November 2, 2007.



Here’s What We Do…

From a Public School Superintendent (PDF)

“During the late winter of this school year I was contacted by an elementary school principal informing me that the parents of a primary grade student were preparing to assist their child in making a gender transition. Prior to that time we had no experience with transgender issues at the elementary school level. These parents referred us to Kim Pearson as a person who might be able to help us better understand the challenges faced by their family.


One phone call to Ms. Pearson led to a conference call including several district officials. We were unanimous in our belief that Kim was indeed a person with whom we could do business. Several comments made by Kim during these phone calls inspired our confidence, not the least of which was, ‘Our goal is to keep your school district out of the national media.’ ”  (continued)


Harsh Realities: The Experiences of Transgender Youth in Our Nation’s Schools (PDF)

This important 2009 report, issued by Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), contains a comprehensive, in-depth account of the experiences of transgender students.


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