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“Knowledge is the prime need of the hour.” -–Mary McLeod Bethune


Our programs are designed to be presented in 90 minutes. If you do not see a program that meets your needs, we can customize a program for your organization. For information about costs, please contact us.


Understanding Through Education, K-12 (PDF)

TransYouth Family Allies is the only National non-profit organization that educates and advocates exclusively for gender variant children and transgender youth. As such, we have unparalleled expertise and experience to draw on when partnering with educational institutions.  This document describes the services we provide.


Utilizing Existing Federal Law to Protect Your Gender Variant/Transgender Youth in School

Currently, federal laws regulating schools and school districts are either ambivalent regarding the school experiences of gender variant youth or appear to condone the discrimination and harassment those youth face on a daily basis. However, in reality, those laws can be used to provide the very protections and supports gender variant youth need to be able to learn in a safe and supportive school environment. This workshop will explore the mechanics of using those laws to advocate for gender variant youth who are experiencing difficulty and distress in school due to their gender expression. Through hypothetical scenarios that mirror the common experiences of gender variant youth, this workshop will provide parents with the basic legal knowledge and tools to invoke federal law protections to improve the school experiences of their children.


Find Healthcare Providers for your Gender Variant Child, No Matter Where You Live

Not all of us live in major metropolitan areas with access to specialists well versed in treating gender variant and trans youth. Do you live in rural America? Do you need practical tips and techniques to find healthcare providers for your child? This is the course for you. In this hands-on, interactive session, we will empower you with tools to find, screen, network, and educate your child’s health care team.


Minimizing the Top Ten Fears of Raising a Gender Variant Child

Are you a parent who wants reassurance that your child will grow up happy and healthy? We will explore the top ten questions that parents have regarding their child’s future. Topics include: understanding gender expression in small children; how, what, when and if we should tell our family and friends; how do we make sure our child is safe in school and other situations; social transition; medical transition; bolstering self-esteem and romantic relationships.


Creating Positive Media Experiences

Have you, or do you anticipate being approached by the media to do an interview? Our families are increasingly sought out by media outlets wanting to present the life stories of gender variant and transgender children and their families. Once your story is on national television you can’t take it back. Let us provide you with an informational packet and discussion to help you make informed decisions about your participation with the media.


Who, How, When? Informing Others of Your Child’s Gender Variance

Do you ask yourself these questions? Do you have difficulty determining if and when it is appropriate to disclose your child’s gender expression? TYFA will help you formulate disclosure plans and introduce you to the A.C.E. Program (Attitude, Confidence, and Education) to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.


Finding a Voice

Are you a parent who loves and accepts your child for who they are? Are you ready to take that next step? Let us show you how you can evolve from accepting parent to finding your advocate’s voice. Participants will be given practical tools and information to effectively advocate for their own child and others like them.


Transition: What is it…and is it Right for My Child?

Is transition is right for your child? Are you worried about making the right decision? Do you know the difference between social and medical transition? TYFA will provide you with information to help you decide when and if transition is appropriate for your child and empower you with tools to move forward with your decision.


Successful Partnering With Schools K-12

Does your child’s school accept and affirm their gender identity and expression as you do? Do they have the education and tools they need to provide the optimal learning environment for your gender variant child? TYFA can help you learn effective communication techniques for educating your child’s school on topics such as using proper names and pronouns, bathroom and physical education accommodations, and changing gender markers to reflect the child’s true identity. NOTE: TYFA also offers school in service training free of charge to families who do not feel like they can effectively educate or advocate with the school personnel. For more information on these services, please contact us.


Coping, Problem Solving and Personal Safety Skills for Gender Variant and Trans Youth

Does your child freeze up or get angry when others ask about his/her gender expression? Do they understand how to evaluate their personal safety in everyday situations? This program offers practical tips and techniques that will enable your child to react quickly and positively in any given situation.


Allies Supporting “T” Youth and Their Families

This program is designed for those organizations and individuals who want to be more inclusive and supportive of gender variant and transgender children and their families. While many organizations have made a connection with the adult transgender community they are still struggling to understand how to support children and youth who come out as transgender or who are facing challenges because they are gender non-conforming. This course is designed as a Youth/Children Gender 101 presentation that will educate you on the basic facts, myths and terminology. TYFA will also provide practical information and resources that will enable you to be more helpful and supportive to trans and gender variant youth and the families and friends who love them.


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