" The rights 
of every person are diminished when the 
rights of one are threatened." – John F. Kennedy

Who are TransYouth Family Allies?


Anyone who will enthusiastically nurture, support, respect and validate a trans, gender variant or gender questioning youth’s inherent right to self-identify and self-express, regardless of their age or where on the gender continuum that expression may fall, or more importantly, may lead.


Allies are from all walks of life, they are: Parents, Family, Extended Family, Friends, Teachers, Physicians, Therapists, Lawyers, Judges, Clergy, Administrators, TransYouth, Adult Survivors of Childhood GID, LGBT-friendly organizations and Gay/Straight Alliances in schools, Sympathetic Media, Elected Officials, etc.


A TransYouth Family Ally (TYFA) is any person or organization who is supportive of trans, gender variant and gender questioning children and their families and can uphold the mission of TYFA. An ally is someone upon whom the organization can depend to be a consistent witness, expert or other professional representative who will not only endorse the message and mission of TYFA, but will do so unequivocally.


To become a TransYouth Family Ally, contact us.


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